Thursday, December 6, 2018


Hey there!

I've been wanting to show more of my style choices here sooo I am doing just that with today's post. My fashion taste is simple but sometimes I feel the need to share those simple things as this wild online world can sometimes be overrun with OTT outfits that I could never imagine actually donning for an entire day.

I picked up this Free People sweater from LuLu's on Black Friday because I was inspired by the sunny shade in a sweater since I'd be obligated to wear it November-March-- the months I'm usually rocking jewel tones and extra hardcore blacks and greys. I paired the sweater with some tassel earrings from BaubleBar in a matching mellow yellow color (similar tagged below).

Heads up if you're reading this the day I'm posting it or soon thereafter-- this sweater is actually 40% off if you buy from Nordstrom (linked below), which is an even better deal than what I got it for on Black Friday! It comes in a variety of delicate shades that you can easily transition from Winter to Spring when the time comes.

Random side story-- I have driven past this little gateway well over a hundred times in the two and a half years I have lived in my current city. It's behind a stretch of townhomes next to the shopping center that holds both my Target and grocery store (aka I'm passing by there a LOT). I always told myself I would get around to shooting either myself or someone else underneath it but have just never gotten around to doing so. Yesterday I was off from work for a day of mourning former President Bush and I figured I'd do it since I'm moving so soon. The owners of the home were totally fine with me setting up behind their house for a few minutes on a random, chilly Wednesday afternoon. I love that.

Let me know below if you pick up the sweater while it's on sale and tell me which color you got! We can be style (and/or color) twins!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


jewelry laid out from south moon under, baublebar and kendra scott for holiday gift guide inspiration

I'm not big on gift guides BUT I have found myself drooooooling over some jewelry lately across a few different sites so I figured I'd throw together a mix of what I've seen that's new and pretty in jewelry land.

1. I have two favorite stones from Kendra Scott. I love her opals and I love her dichroic glass. These studs are the latter-- and come in two more colors! They're fairly large for studs-- which I prefer. If you're gonna buy pricier jewelry that you think is cute for someone, I think they should show them off as much as possible!

2. If you follow me on Instagram then you know about my obsession with South Moon Under's resin tortoise earrings. I own two of the three shown above and fully intend on buying the third as well. I love the creaminess and contrast of this tortoise pattern and they're sooo light. It's like you aren't even wearing earrings. I sent a picture to my sister after I bought my first pair and she immediately went and bought the same ones. They're definitely a gifting winner!

3. Another fave of mine from Kendra Scott are her lariats. This one comes in three colors and is a unique addition to a layered necklace look.

4. This necklace looks a bit wild but I think it's just so cool. The discs look like they're floating on your neck and the choker length creates an edgy, yet simple vibe. AKA MY VIBE. Edgy, yet simple. Always. This one also comes in silver!

5. On the topic of creamy and contrasted, this sweet bracelet is just that. I'm a sucker for anything black and white and speckled. This bracelet is made of dalmatian stone-- which, other than sounding cute, balances the emotions and body. Plus, it's stretchy. Who doesn't prefer a stretchy bracelet? This allows it to fit many different sized wrists so it makes a worry-free gift.

6. Next are some statement earrings. They also come in a blush but something about the black and gold screams New Year's Eve to me and these would be the BEST party earrings for somebody. These also come in blush!

7. Lastly is this delicate letter necklace. You can pick any letter you want for your recipient for your name, their name or anything else your heart desires. I want to pick up the 'B' for my first name (and future last name!) The chain balances the off-kilter letter by placing in two small stones up the chain to the left. It's dainty and understated but will feel extra special with the personalized letter-- without having to pay for an actual personalized gift.

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Monday, December 3, 2018


Hi there!

I recently uploaded a video to my YouTube channel trying out various makeup samples that I have had sitting around for ages. I love collecting samples of products but I'm terrible at using them up and this video was the perfect solution for that problem. Check the video out below and keep scrolling to get the dirt on my first impressions of each item.

I started with the Glossier Priming Moisturizer which made my face moisturized and tacky. The tackiness spoke to how this product performs as a primer but I can't speak any more on that because I don't know how the other face products would have performed unprimed or over my usual primers. As a moisturizer, though, it was solid.

I began my eyes with the Stila Shimmer & Glow Liquid Eyeshadows in 'Kitten' and followed up with 'Twig'. Kitten was insanely metallic and reflective (very Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Wand-esque) and blended great. Twig was terrible. It stuck down where applied and did not blend whatsoever. On top of that, it wasn't even that shimmery. In order to blend Twig out as much as I could I applied Bite Beauty Multisticks in 'Cashew' to the crease and it solved all my issues. I've used Bite's Multisticks in the past (from samples) and they're a fantastic multiuse product. To date I've used it in the browns, on the eyes, on the cheeks and lips. I tried to add a bit of depth by adding in Twig as a top eyeliner. Didn't work very well as that either.

To start with my face I applied the Dr. Jart Premium Beauty Balm in 'Light to Medium'. I've had a few samples of this in the past and liked it enough to ALMOST buy it on one occassion but it is simply just a shade too dark for my natural complexion and for that, I haven't bought it. But I do enjoy it as a product. To clean up my undereyes I applied Cover FX Power Play Foundation in 'N30' in a concealing manner with a stiffer, detailed face brush. I initially expected this shade to be significatly darker than me but it ended up looking just fine. It did its job as a concealer but I can't speak to the longevity as a full face foundation. Next was Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Powders in 'Dim Light' and 'Radiant Light' to set my undereyes and bronze up my cheeks. I really enjoyed Dim Light as it brought a healthy filtered glow to my eyes. I liked it so much that I may even pick up a full size. To finish up the face I went in with Bite's multistick in 'Biscotti' as a blush.

I got the godfather of all samples in the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in 'Ash Brown' and three other shades. I expected Ash Brown to be a terrible match for me but in the theme of this video, it ended up being just fine. I never expected to like Dipbrow because I've always been happy with powder products and never even enjoyed pencils like the masses do but MAN.. I LIKED DIPBROW. I already purchased it in my more proper shade. Review coming soon!

Last up was Sephora Collection #LIPSTORIES Lipstick in 'Labyrinth City'. I applied it over a base of that Bite Multistick in 'Biscotti' and it was a pretty, typical matte rose lippie. It was super comfortable on the lips but I feel that may have been because I applied it over the creamy multistick.

I was so caught off guard with how many products I genuinely liked and I'm proud that the samples served their purpose-- to allow me to try a product for free and form an opinion prior to buying.

Filming this video inspired me to use up my samples as I receive them in hopes of finding more products I like that I had never thought to try out before. Do you like the final look? Let me know in the comments!

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Thursday, November 29, 2018


I've been inspired by some beauty accounts I've seen on Instagram lately and decided to try to make a flat lay of my own. Here are some pink beauty grabs I've picked up recently and/or have been loving!

flat lay of pink products like warby parker glasses, frank body scrub, glossier lip gloss, becca lip gloss, viktor and rolf flowerbomb

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Tuesday, November 27, 2018


So... the news has broke.

We are MOVING!

After 25 years of life in the state of Virginia (well.. minus my first few as an infant), me and Charlie are MOVING to RALEIGH, North Carolina!!!!! We are soooooo excited for this change of pace in lifestyle and in our careers and I'm really really excited to be near my family-- including my four nieces and nephews-- again.

With that big news coming up at the end of the calendar year, I've decided I need to document my perfect "tiny cube" before we disassemble and move. Today I'm sharing with you our living room.

living room with furniture organized for photo opportunity and staged
That Arnold poster is my fiancé's and it used to hang at the right height for our old couch but now is too high for our current couch.. oh well.
This room has been subject to many changes over the past few years including two couches, two coffee tables, two book shelves and three rugs but all at differing times. I wish I had kept my old 8x10 ivory rug by Safavieh instead of this speckled IKEA rug but ivory in a high traffic area for two years with a dog? It wasn't looking very nice.

The couch that is shown is the IKEA Karlstad with a custom cover from Comfort Works (the grey herringbone pattern). I got the couch off Craigslist for $60 and the cover was $364 which, although high, did make financial sense in the end. The couch itself is starting to break a bit and I think when we move we'll need to find another to buy on Craigslist and I honestly just can't wait for the point in our lives where we can be comfortable dropping a couple thousand on a truly HIGH quality, long-living sofa.

I bought the coffee table off of Facebook Marketplace and had my big brother pick it up on a weekday and hold it for me until the weekend. It's "solid wood" but feels kind of cheap and I feel like I got played a bit but what drew me to it were the cool legs! If all fails with the tabletop I can always buy some higher quality wood to attach those legs to. I learned while researching DIY desks that iron legs are EXPENSIVE to buy on their own! Especially unique ones like these.

That adorable mid century side table is from Target. I bought it the first time I went "adult shopping" after moving into my first place after college and getting my first full time job.

Oh, and that bench? HomeGoods. I saw it and called my mom as I ran over to it to sit on it (to claim it.. duh) and asked her "hey, do I NEED a bench? Okay but.. could I find a reason to NEED this bench?" and we both decided that yes, I did and yes, I could. I've had it since and it's the ideal piece to have near our front door as we store our common shoes underneath it and use to take our shoes on and off.

staged bookshelf full of belongings

Above is my painstankingly curated bookcase. I plan to use these photos when we move to copy + paste this exact same layout on this bookcase in our next place. I spent one afternoon on Pinterest looking up how to style bookcases and "balance" them. I feel like I finally got it and now I don't think I can ever add or subtract ANYTHING on here.

I am always really proud of our little house because anytime we have a new guest, there's always some kind of positive comment about our design. I'm not great yet but I think I'm getting there :)

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Saturday, November 24, 2018


This thing was so popular on my Instagram stories that I wanted to pop on here real quick to share with the link so everybody can have this before it goes away after the holidays!

color coded locations pinned on a cork board map for his and hers

I bought this cork USA map ornament from Target last year and pinned all of the places me and Charlie have been either on our own or together and color-coded it all. The cute star pin comes with the ornament!

Yellow = Places Charlie has been by himself
Pink = Places I've been by myself
Orange = Places we've been together

These are the pins I have but Target also sells a gold, black and white pack as well.

I hope you all enjoy.


Welcome to my work desk.

Just kidding.

Except, not really. This post is about my SAVIOR these past two and half years that I've been in the professional world. I have had a Rifle Paper Co. appointment calendar at my desk at all three jobs I've held since graduating college and each one has been adorned with an assortment of stickers. has released four(!) volumes of their sticker books and I have all of them! The combo of these two products has kept me organized while away from home and my other organization and scheduling tools.

Here are some of my more, ahem, acceptable months to show off how I utilize this combo.

calendar with stickers to show plans and schedules organized

calendar with stickers to show plans and schedules organized

calendar with stickers to show plans and schedules organized sticker examples on top of rifle paper company appointment calendar

Above are some of the stickers that I have from If you're looking to buy these, I would recommend the first three books. The fourth book was pretty "meh" and there weren't a lot that could be used on a calendar. The first three are straight perfection, though.

Do any of y'all use physical calendars? I feel like most people I know use their phone calendars to organize their lives but I swear every time I put an event on my phone it DISAPPEARS! That's why I've stuck with this calendar and I've already bought my 2019 one to be prepped early.

If you want to shop these items, check 'em out below:

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