Monday, January 14, 2013


My all-time favorite part of awards season is the fashion. Obviously. I have been doing this sort of 'best dressed' thing on my tumblr account for a couple of years and now that I've got an actual blog focused on beauty and fashion, I'm going to move my lists here! Each awards show I choose the five best dressed, accessorized and overall just best looking and I'll post them here!

It's difficult sometimes to judge celebrities on things (although we shouldn't really be judging people at all, but come on..) because our personal feelings about how we like them or not come into play. Personally, I do not like Taylor Swift at all. But if I feel like she deserves to me on my list, I'll put her there. I'll try my hardest to not be biased! But.. let's just say she'll have to reallllly wow me for me to put her in. Haha!

First of the new year was the People's Choice Awards last week.

Topping the list was Lea Michele, next Rumer Willis, Chloe Grace-Moretz, Ashley Rickards and the adorable host for a second year, Kaley Cuoco.

Click for a more in-depth talk about each ladies' look:

Lea's look was just punchy enough in color, fun enough in length and her hair was pulled back in a cute, but not too-sophisticated or loose way. Her shoes matched her dress and although that sometimes is a big no-no, they were understated enough to compliment her look.

Rumer had my absolute favorite dress of the evening but paired with her hair it wasn't my number one. However, I still loved it to pieces and her makeup complemented it perfectly. If her hair had just been pulled back like Lea's, the look would have been knock-out.

Chloe Moretz is an actress I've yet to really become a fan of or actually, really form an opinion on. She's just fifteen and I'm not sure if it's because I so recently went through that awkward stage where to I would want to just ignore her at all costs because it's so painful OR I'm just not a fan of her. Either way, I can't deny that she looked so cute with her neon yellow floral dress, paired with extremely cute heels and a perfect hairdo.

No matter what kind of dress it is, if it's a nude drop-waist, chances are I'll love it! Ashley Rickards of MTV's Awkward pulled it off great! Made my number four.

Last but not least was Kaley Cuoco. She looked great in this pale pink chiffon masterpiece. My favorite part of her look was her hair and makeup. Her blush and lips were a just-pinched pink color and her hair half-up was a great decision. It kept everything casual while stepping her hair up a slight notch. One thing, though was those black toenails. Paint 'em if you're going to be wearing peep toes!

I can't wait for more red carpets!


  1. I agree with all of these choices! I really loved Chloe's dress especially! The colour of it was so unique and I loved the shape of it.

    1. The shape was my main reasoning for loving it! It was so so cute


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