Wednesday, January 30, 2013


The SAG awards were on Sunday and I was super excited to see the Red Carpet looks however, I was thoroughly disappointed. I had a difficult time coming up with five ladies' looks.

First and most certainly deserved, Jessica Chastain. I just recently saw her in Zero Dark Thirty and fell in love with her. After seeing this look, I just fell deeper. The red compliments her pale skin so beautifully and her hair looked effortless. Amazing.

Jenna Fischer was next who gained points in my book for wearing a short sleeved gown. Not very often that you see that pulled off well! The metallic gradient of the dress paired with a soft, metallic smokey eye was a perfect A+ combo.

Next, a celeb I didn't expect to appear on my blog that much.. or ever. Helen Hunt's silver sparklepiece (sparkle + masterpiece!!) looked great on her! It was silver glitz that didn't go disco ball-y. She also went with soft waves just as our first two ladies did and it did her well.

Lea Michele is no stranger to my lists! This is her third of three that she's made it on and my fourth post involving her! Sheesh! Well deserved, though because this pink gown was a breath of fresh air on the Carpet after some pretty dark hues. Ombr├ęd extensions added to the spunk of her ensemble.

Lastly is Nicole Kidman. She barely, barely slid into my list but I just couldn't get over the gorgeous deep-blue color of her dress and her hair!! looked amazing! Perkier and shorter than usual, now near her collarbones. She went without bag and just let her look speak for itself!

Did you watch the SAG Awards on Sunday? Which look was your favorite?

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