Friday, March 15, 2013


There is such an odd story behind this.. I was hungry the last week and was searching for something to eat, naturally. I knew I felt like a smoothie but we only had non-smoothie fruits like apples and blueberries and a few bananas. Never would have put them together. Few hours later, get onto tumblr, THERE IS A RECIPE FOR THOSE EXACT INGREDIENTS IN A SMOOTHIE!

It was so weird. and the best part? The smoothie is GOOD! and good for you! All of the fruits involved are high in fiber so downing this will have you set! This is the Friendly Fiber Shake!

The amount of milk that you add in will decipher how thin/thick the smoothie is. Mine was quite thick so next time I'm going to add a bit more in!


  1. I have all of those ingredients right now! I might have to try this out, it sounds yummy!


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