Monday, March 25, 2013


This is a continuation of my mini-series-within-a-series

Hi guys. Another album I will never tire of post! Upon playing this last night, instant memories of my immature ages comes to mind. With intense nostalgia, I'll begin writing this. I just had to stop for a second because I got really emotional about the thoughts that tie together with this album. The album I speak of is Every Avenue's 'Picture Perfect'. Super poppy. Super boy bandy. Super everything I don't like anymore. Still, it's great because of the memories tied in.

The album is from 2009 which is when I was a freshman in high school. I was experiencing dating for the first time. Experiencing my first real sense of freedom with friends who could drive. I was rounding out my hopes and dreams and becoming intensely involved in the world of photography. It seems so silly to think that I learned so much in my four years of high school and it seems even more silly to think that an album such as this one seemed to be my soundtrack to the beginning of my journey.

I can just remember driving in my friend's car before I could even myself and screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs. I remember still listening to it come sophomore year and screaming the lyrics in chemistry class with another friend. I remember sitting in my bedroom screaming the lyrics as I made the ├╝ber-stressful decision to quit the sport that I had been playing for 11 years prior. All of my problems that I thought were going to cause the end of the world were catered on a plate along with the songs on this track list.

Every Avenue recently broke up as a band and that even brings this all full circle because it's no longer something that we will all enjoy and be a part of, but the memories and songs are all still there. You would think that those memories wouldn't be revisited and it would be odd to listen to this album on the regular, but it happens. It's just become a piece of my foundation that I don't want to let go of because I still enjoy it so much.

My top favorites would definitely have to be 'Mindset', 'Picture Perfect' and 'For Always, Forever'.

There's another album by this group that will be included in this series, hence why this is a 'part 1'.

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