Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Major shoutout to Jessica over at The Mod Mermaid for hosting a blog sale because I finally got to pick up this lip tar in the only color that I really wanted! 'Queen' is a warm, bright, poppy pink that stands out and looks fantastic on the lips. As with all lip tars, it bleeds so you must.. let me put that in caps.. MUST wear a lip liner with this. Also, you do not need any to cover your lips! You honestly need the tiniest drop it's silly.

My packaging is the older kind and that's kinda a bummer because the new packaging is so sleek and the application is much less messy but if you're left with a squeeze tube like me, just apply with a lip brush. Regardless of the packaging you have actually, you should be applying this product with a brush.

bare lips
NYX lipliner in 'Pinky'
with the lip tar


  1. Ah lucky! I've been dying to try Lip Tars for the longest time! I love the colour you got too! :3

    1. Thank you! Ugh they're fantastic. The only other color that I wanna grab is 'Black Dahlia'


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