Monday, April 15, 2013


Happy Music Monday! Now, this post may come as obvious news to some of you and possibly a surprise to some other! Fall Out Boy is back. After their three and a half year hiatus, the band announced that they would be returning with a new album and tour. I have not ever really been a huge FOB fan and the only album that I own (and love, for the record) is the last one they released before they went on a break. So I was a little late to the game, to say the least. After listening to this new album I believe that I'm going to like this album as well. I think they have enough of their old sound to excite old fans, too! They took the collaborative route with a slew of famous names alongside of some of their song titles. Talents include Courtney Love, Sir Elton John, Big Sean and Foxes.

Some of my favorite songs on the record are Alone Together, Miss Missing You and Rat a Tat.

Be sure to pick up the album tomorrow when it drops! Only $7.99 on iTunes. SUCH a deal!


  1. I'm obsessed with this album too. And I was late getting on the bandwagon with FOB too, the only album I own is Infinity on High. But this album is incredible! I even already bought tickets for both of their tours this year :P

    1. Hmm! For some reason, I thought you were a major FOB fan. Like one of the crazed ones! The tour should be fun, though.


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