Monday, April 1, 2013


I'm skipping Music Monday. That's how excited I am about this post. I have never gone a week without a MM but alas, it has finally come.

I FOUND IT YOU GUYS I FOUND IT! I finally found the new lip butter that I was ORIGINALLY looking for! I've got two Revlon products today. I blame CVS whole-heartedly for the fact that my bank account currently reads: $0.20. Yup. Twenty cents. CVS decided to throw the whole 'spend $15 on Revlon lip products and get $7 extrabucks!" Soo... uhhh.. of COURSE I'm going to spend $15! Luckily, they had both of the items that I have been searching and scouring the entire Northern Virginia area for! The products I speak of are the new lip butter in 'Pink Lemonade' and a new ColorBurst lipgloss in 'Orange Glow' from the Nude Tips and Neon Lips little line they have going on...

Man. Am I stoked for these things. Let's start with some pictures..

bare lips
Pink Lemonade
Orange Glow
Lip Butter- Kinda underwhelmed but not really? Not sure. I've only put it on twice so let's just give it that (should I be wearing it more before I 'review' it? Idk. I'm too excited to not post about it.) It's just a lot lighter than I imagined? It's weird. When I was applying it, I was concerned it was too sheer but then as I continued to build it up, it was too light of a pink? But come on. It's a pink. I'm going to like it. Still moisturizing just like all the butters, too. I heard a lot of people complaining about these four new colors that they came out with for the Spring/Summer not being the same formulation but seeing as I have half of the new ones and they're perfectly fine, I don't know about that.

ColorBurst lipgloss- I've only owned one other gloss from this line and I was not a fan of it at all because it had these chunky glitters in it (what the F is with Revlon lip products and chunky glitter?! Don't they know that NOBODY likes that?) so I sort of ignored them for years. Well, I saw this beauty of a color once at Walgreens and have been fiending for it ever since. It's this super awesome yellow-orange color just like the Crayola crayon. I figured it would look fabulous over-top of my Maybelline Vivids lipstick in 'Electric Orange' but that lipstick is more of a red-orange so they didn't really mesh well. Surprisingly, I reallllly like this alone on my lips. I just love how different of a color it is and I have to say, it's very wearable. It's just a sheer, sheer bit of orange tinge. I really think you all should try this one.

Have a great day!


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