Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Oooooh man have I had my eyes on this one for what feels like forever. Can I just say something really quick? What's with the $12.99 price tag on this blush? I understand it's a superb product and all but C'MON! Luckily, Ulta was having a 40% off sale on Revlon and NYX sooo.. I was super excited to say the least.

BTW- Sorry this is kinda picture heavy on the packaging.. do you guys like that? I know some people like to see the packaging and the untouched product. Let me know!

'Pinched' is a super subtle, natural peach cream blush that blends effortlessly into the skin. Seriously. When you put your finger into this product for the first time it could probably pass for butter if you had your eyes closed. So. Smooth. and. Creamy. I, personally, can build this up on my cheeks for years on end and never have it look too bad. That's pretty good news because I tend to have a heavy hand for blushes so I love when a product can kinda work with me on that. I am going to aim for the Real Techniques stippling brush when I get paid next because apparently that brush is great for cream blushes! For now, though, my fingers do just fine. This peach is going to be great for my natural, every day looks. For the record, the color is pretty much just that. The color. There's only a hint of a satin finish to it. Hint. Smidgen. Very tiny bit. Promise!

All hail cream blushes! They're all I've been wearing recently.

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