Thursday, April 4, 2013


Good morning! I'm thrilled about today's post because of a couple things.. 1) I've been looking to buy this palette for awhile but every time I was at CVS, they were sold out! and 2) I got it for free! I had $5 ExtraBucks Reward and this bad boy came out to $4.99. Match made in heaven.

Wet 'N Wild, known as every blogger's 'underdog' brand, outdoes themselves in all of their products and this group is no different. Each shadow in here is pigmented, vibrant and lasting. This is an all-in-one combo that just cannot be beat in both it's price and as a product.

in order of in the palette, swatched fairly heavily
Right 'definer' over black
The main reason that I wanted this palette is because of that color right above. The right definer shade is apparently a direct dupe for MAC's 'blue brown' pigment that I have been lusting over for so long. It's such a unique shade on its own and then when you throw it over a brown or black(my favorite) base, it comes alive as this foiled, mermaid-y effect. Can't wait to try this over my lid!

Any of you own this palette? What are some of your favorite combinations that I could try out?


  1. I have this palette and never thought of putting the right 'definer' over a black base. Love the effect it give def going to try it out!
    Awsome blog!

    1. Isn't it so cool? I can't wait to try it out myself.


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