Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hi! Today's post is about my jewelry. Specifically, my earrings. Even further, my dangling earrings. I don't wear studs often simply because I like the three diamonds that I have in both my ears 24/7. I don't ever feel the need to replace them with other studs but whenever I want to get a little dressy, I do like to pop in some dangling earrings. Here's where my storage comes into play..

I began to store my earrings like this a few years ago and ever since, life has been so much easier and neater! I take the earrings with whatever paper backing they come on (and if they don't come with one.. well, I have taken a few from Forever 21 as extras hehe) and directly tape them to my wall! I don't even have the clear backs on any of them. The wall being right there helps keep them in place no matter what. It's really simple and I really like how it looks, too. Also, it keeps all of your pieces from getting tangled, lost or broken.

Super easy and super cute decorations! Been wanting to share this with you all for a little bit so I'm glad I finally could get around to it :)


  1. Really cute way of storing earrings! I have a plain wall so I might do this to make up as a well decor too, haha. Too bad I threw away all the packages for all my fave. earrings :(

  2. That's a great idea. It'll make my walls look brighter AND help my jewelry box not look like a trash bin! :)

    1. Exactly! and the prettier the earrings, the prettier the wall :)


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