Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Ooh la la do I have a fancy nail post for you guys today! This is the second time I have used these press-on nails and I am so far really impressed (sorry hahaha) with them. I got these for free with my Chegg textbook order!

my nails before, directly after application and after filing!
Now, if press-on nails make you cringe and remember the times where you would put those stickers on your nails and instantly have bird claws staring back at you THEN please erase those wretched memories from your mind. These are the new generation of stick-ons. I am seriously so impressed I don't even know where to start!

The packaging typically looks like a clear nail polish bottle (remember I got a sample) holding 24 different pre-sticky nails in 12 different sizes. They boast 36 different colors and styles and the most amazing part is that they are only about $6 or $7 at your local drugstore. You'll get the same look and feel of a gel manicure at the salon and they'll last about a week, depending on your lifestyle. To remove, just soak your nails in some acetone and they'll be able to be peeled off.

The process is very easy, too. You just choose the size that fits the best to your nail (the instructions say if you can't find a perfect match, going smaller is better) and then stick them onto your nails from your pinkies to your thumbs. I took a coarse nail file and filed the nails down pretty dramatically as I like my nails to be rounder and much shorter. The whole process took about 15 minutes not including the half hour wait you must wait after application before you begin filing.

Will I buy these nails for real? Definitely. I'm really excited to check out the other colors and see which I want to try next!


  1. Wow! This pre-sticky nails are sooooo impressive! Cool! The finished product looks so gorgeous! ^^

  2. I need these, as I can't stop biting my nails long enough to paint them ._.


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