Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I have been addicted to coloring my hair since the prime age of thirteen when my mom first (finally) allowed me to bleach and dye the smallest piece of my hair pink in the eighth grade. Since then I have gone blue, yellow, black, red, pink(again), bleached out white, yellow(again) and orange. It's been a wild ride and it is that time of the year where I get bored and am stressed out and always turn to dying my hair some outrageous color as a stress reliever. I somehow survived October and November(mainly) without bleaching any part of my hair and I knew when I was in Ulta and saw this Anastasia Hair Powder that I needed to get it in order to make the demons inside me calm down about ruining my hair!

Believe it or not, this is my first product by Anastasia. I've wanted to buy some of their brow products for awhile but I love my current brow routine so I don't feel the absolute need to! However, this product is different. I needed it. My inner-self needed it. I needed cool hair even if it's only for one day!

The coloring disk is very similar to the popular Color Bugs by Kevin Murphy and the only difference is that the color bugs coat both sides of your hair at once while you have to do those in separate steps with the Hypercolor. From what I've heard, the Anastasia product is much better especially in dark hair. I just wish that they had designed it similar to the Color Bug so that your hands wouldn't get so messy! If you're going to purchase this, definitely pick up some gloves as well so your hands remain color-free!

The color pay-off is spectacular. I've been super bummed that I have dark hair all throughout this bright colored hair trend and to see this vibrant of a color on me without having to bleach a thing is magical! The 'In The Pink' color reminds me very much of Manic Panic's 'Hot Hot Pink' dye that I used to use all the time. If you're planning on chalking your hair with any product, not even just this one, remember to always use this process: Style -> chalk -> hairspray. It's difficult to keep the color in your hair while styling so by styling beforehand, you get to have the brightest color possible! Also, the hairspray is supposed to lock the vibrancy in so you can rock the look all night long.

I'm really interested in getting another one of these Hypercolors (I'm thinking about the pretty teal color) and I hope they extend the range into more colors! I would really loooooove a yellow as I'm very, very partial to yellow hair and would probably buy about ten of them to stock up and wear for ever and ever. Aside from the mess, I give this a solid A. I'm very impressed!

Side note, this is also a brow coloring product but I had no interest in even attempting to apply it to my face. I know that it would be nice though because of how fantastic it worked out in my hair.

Let me know if you have any questions about this product or if you wanna discuss it, leave a comment below!! Talk to you guys soon <3


  1. Fabulous! I'd love to get an orange shade to sort of ombre my red hair!

    1. Orange looks so bad on me :( would look super cool as a red to orange ombre, though!!


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