Sunday, December 29, 2013


1. I started off the year by claiming my fantasy football league's trophy as I won my league last year! I came in third this year but no worries.. I plan to be right back at the top again next year. It's going to be sad to give up this trophy to this year's winner :(

2. This picture is from my first YouTube tutorial that I was really proud of. It's still the first and only video that I've put up that involves me putting on false lashes! I'm so bad at them and never want to waste any time filming when I know I'm just going to get frustrated and not use them. That's something I want to learn how to do better in the new year, though. False lashes make every look a million times better!

3. I went down to North Carolina to visit my friend since I practically took a semester off and had soooooo much time before I got my job at Victoria's Secret. It was a rainy and gloomy weekend but the Cape Fear Bridge is still one of my favorites around.

4. While I was home for a semester I took advantage of having my parents buying food and ate really, really well for the first half of 2013. These fruit plates were a daily thing (sometimes twice!)

5. I also baked a lot with my free time! These were chocolate chip muffins that I made that were sooooo good and they actually didn't get gross with time. I had like, two weeks of muffin loving. It was lovely.

6. This picture is from my first day of training for Victoria's Secret after I got hired(duh) and I was obviously super happy as you can tell. It was the beginning of my all-black-everything uniform that I would soon learn to despise. For as much as I like black I really didn't own that much of it! Dressing myself became quite the task.

7. I went to my first pro baseball game! This is for my home Washington Nationals. I had some awesome seats because I went with my friend whose dad gets awesome ones for work. I like having connections. You get to do cool things with connections.

8. Now that I'm back in the Washington, DC area and no longer in the middle of nowhere (Oklahoma), I can finally get back into my concerts. Before I left for school I would go to two concerts a month and they were absolutely my life. I'm slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things and it's making me so, so happy.

9. I saw my Paramore for the first time in three years!!!! After a turbulent time that lead to an almost-breakup and loss of two members, I was amazed that I was able to still see my favorite band live. I went with my sister and her friend and we had an awesome time. Probably the best Paramore show that I've ever attended.

10. In addition to getting back into concerts, I also got to get back into my concert photography. My first show to shoot in years was The Maine's tour with Brighten, This Century and A Rocket to The Moon. This picture is of Nick Santino of A Rocket to The Moon. That show meant a lot because it was the last tour ARTTM was doing as a band and I have been an avid fan of theirs since I was in middle school(way back when it was only Nick in the band) and it was good to be able to see them one last time before they called it quits.

11. Orientation is the first step to starting over at a new school! With orientation comes a new ID card. Here's my VCU card!

12. Typical, typical. I really liked this photo but it's so cliche to have red, white and blue nails for the Fourth of July. I tried to make the picture unique!

13. I turned TWENTY YEARS OLD! I had a great birthday / my best friend threw me a party at her house and had my friends come over. It was great. One of my better birthday memories!! This was me being cheesy in front of her window with the ~uber nice~ lighting before the festivities began.

14. After a two year break I got back into shooting Warped Tour! This photo is of Kyle Pavone of We Came As Romans. I became a fan of them after shooting their set!

15. I went to yet another Nationals game and wow, was this one hot. I have never sweated so much in my life. and we had a brutal loss against the then-hot streaking Dodgers and it was just an ugly ending but being there was a blast as always!

16. I got to move into my apartment mid-August and it's been amazing being on my own and OUT OF A DORM! Dorm life was terrible. Gross. Never ever again would I ever want to do that! I love apartment life. This picture is of the courtyard in my complex.

17. I also joined a sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, a little into the school year. These are some wooden letters than I decorated and have hung on my wall. It's been a very rewarding experience so far and I'm only a semester in — I can't wait to see what the future holds with me and my chapter.

18. This entire semester was filled with hanging out with my pledge sisters.. here's a picture of some of us before we had our Big/Little sister reveal.

19. This picture is from right after Initiation when I received a ton of letter shirts. I loooooveeee the Redskins one that my big game me. It feels so good to be able to rock my shirts now! (you can only wear hard letters(what these are) once you're an initiated sister)

20. I got IMMENSELY spoiled and was able to see my favorite band TWICE in one year!!! I went to this one alone because the tickets were outrageously expensive ($80! For Paramore! Come on, guys) but luckily one of my friends won tickets from a radio station and then happened to know the guy who gave out floor wristbands from high school and conned his way into getting a wristband and was able to join me in General Admission. Success!!! This was a great show but secretly not as good as the one earlier in the year.

21. After awhile of wanting to see Tori Kelly live I was finally able to. I missed out on meeting her because I was stuck in traffic :( but I still got to be front row for the show itself and she was just as amazing, if not better, in person as on Youtube.

22. Fast forward a little bit and I was back at the same venue to see and shoot Hoodie Allen who I've been a fan of for a few years now. He's a killer performer and put on a great show as I expected. The was a rowdy crowd, though. Lots of 15-17 year olds drunk out of their minds. Kind of ruined the atmosphere.

23. Remember when I talked about connections? Here's them doing their thing yet again. I got to FINALLY go to my first pro football game and it was my REDSKINS! I actually ended up going to two this week.. one on Monday vs. the San Fransisco 49ers and then on Sunday against the New York Giants. They were awesome. I am so thankful for my friend for taking me! Even if it meant driving two hours back to school on a Sunday night before an 8am class after the Giants game. Totally worth it.

24. Came back home for Thanksgiving and Winter Break and got to spend some quality time with my family and my favorite person, my dad. That's him. In that picture. Yeah.

25. The last cool thing I did in 2013 was see The 1975 and twenty one pilots and woooowwwwwowowowowowowowww my socks were completely BLOWN OFF from twenty one pilots. I had heard they were great live but I could have never imagined that they were going to be as good as they were. Truly amazing performers. Best show I have attended because of that. Had an amazing time.

There we go! My most interesting/stand-out Instagram moments of the year. Send your Instagram links to me in the comments below so I can check out your photos!

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  1. reading this makes me want to do my year in review! it sounds like you had an amazing year and you are finally loving what you're doing! so happy for you! :)


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