Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Here's where I may get disagreed with a little bit. Today I will be talking about the Anastasia Brow Wiz, a hugely hyped product in the beauty world and supposedly the 'best brow product' like, ever. I decided to finally shell out the outrageous $21 for this eyebrow pencil and put to the test. I am going to spoil the ending real quick and say that it's no longer even in my possession. I disliked it so much that I had to return it back to Sephora.

I got the shade 'soft brown' and it was the right one for me. I was learning toward 'brunette' but after knocking some sense into myself I realized that it would be way too dark and that my need for defined brows could be satiated with 'soft brown'. Here's a nice little before and after picture:

My dislike for this could come from the fact that I am just not a fan of eyebrow pencils because they usually make my brows look too drawn on and I'm never going for that look. For all that I've heard about it being 'so soft' and 'so easy to control' I had a hard time controlling the hard, waxy pencil. It kept slipping and would draw a line way below where I wanted it to and blahblah..

Although my product was all in one piece (I have heard many complaints about the product within the pencil being broken before purchasing and people not realizing it until after they purchased it), I just wasn't a fan. It works wonders for many people and that's wonderful but it just wasn't my cup of tea! It didn't allow my brows to look as natural as I usually can make them with my regular products.

I put together a super short (really) video of me applying it to the best of my ability so you can see how it looks. Thank goodness for the spoolie on the other end of the pencil because without that my brows would have looked flat-out SCARY.. you'll see in the video.

I guess using my powder products with my angled brush just works better for me. It allows me to be able to create sharp lines on the upper and lower parts of my brows, something that I struggled achieving with the Brow Wiz. 

How has your experience been with this product? Were you thinking about purchasing it? Don't let me scare you off! There are sooo many people who swear by this product and that's the entire reason that I purchased it! It's just a shame that it didn't work for me personally :(

Have a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate it and Merry Christmas Eve!

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