Friday, January 3, 2014


After my not-so-pleasant time with Anastasia's Brow Wiz, I decided to exchange it for another brow product that has had equal hype over these past few months. I had believed this whole time that Benefit's Gimme Brow product was just an expensive brow gel but I was very wrong and I'm so upset that it's taken me this long to get hip to this!

Gimme Brow is considered a 'brow-voluminizing fiber gel' which means that there is a tinted gel but within that gel are fibers that cling easily to both your eye brows and your skin making them appear fuller and keeps the color on longer. I had the shade medium/deep and it's definitely the right one for me. That being said, it is a bit cool so if you have any kind of warmth to your hair like I do, I would recommend using this in conjunction to another brow product that you usually use. Below you can watch a video that I recorded that shows what this looks like in my brows on top of my usual brow powder (Urban Decay's 'Secret Service' eyeshadow) and also just on it's own.

What makes this different than other brow gels aside from the fibers is the size of the brush. It's very small so you get the color exactly where you want it and not anywhere that you don't (unless you use too much pressure). It's a very unique product that has been nothing but great over the time that I've had it so far.

What I like to do is take my usual shadow and my Sigma E65 brush and fill in the upper and lower parts of the "tail" of my brows. I don't touch in inner section with my powder. Then I take Gimme Brow and brush it through my brows starting towards the back since there is a good amount of the product on the wand at the beginning so the darkest product will come out first. I slowly work my way towards the front of my brows until they are pigmented and colored in enough to blend with the rest of my brow.

What's awesome about this product is that it's intensely buildable. After one coat you can wait about thirty seconds and then put another coat on and it makes the brow almost entirely filled in. Unfortunately for me, since the Gimme Brow medium/deep shade is actually pretty dark and again, cool-toned, I can't rely entirely on just it to fill in my brows. That being said, when I'm not wearing any makeup and I want to frame my face a little bit I do take a couple swipes through my brows and that gives them enough color to be noticeable but not too much to make me look.. well, weird.

Another thing that I've heard people do with the lighter shade of this product is lightening their brows. Once they're filled in (darker than they should be) they take the light shade and lift their brows a couple of shades. I haven't tried that but I'm certain it would look odd on me so I have no interest in it.

Gimme Brow retails for $22 so it definitely is pricey and that scares me for how little product there actually is. We'll see if I'll be repurchasing it once it's gone… I really, really love this but that is just so much money for something. I don't know. It'll be in an 'empty things' post eventually and we will have to wait and see how I feel then!

Hope you all enjoyed two posts in one day! I've been excited to share about this product and couldn't wait any longer :) See you all in my next post!

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