Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Sup guys. School's in full gear now and so I've kinda fallen behind on posts but NO worries I'll be back posting regularly soon! Until then, I wanted to put a little rant up on here. It's gonna be short but where else was I going to voice this opinion of mine? Tumblr? Nobody cares. Twitter? Too short. Text my beauty friends? They'll see this anyway.

DUPES. I have a huge issue with Pinterest/the likes of and the 'dupe' phenomenon. Now, we all want to save a buck or two especially when an amazing product is above the $20 mark. Who should have to ever spend that much money on a beauty product? So cheaper brands go out and try and make the same product but for a fraction of the cost. Dupes are born.

The dupes that I have the largest issue with are lip products. For example, I used to want the MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick because I loved the color and because it was not a matte finish (which does not work well with my lips). I was on the verge of purchasing it until I heard about Wet 'N Wild's 'Pinkerbell'. WOW! Only $2? Why would I ever buy the MAC one? Well because it's SO MUCH FREAKING BETTER!!!!!! I was naive back then and I've learned now. Dupes are typically only dupes in COLOR. Never formula, longevity or any other important factor about makeup. The WNW "dupe" that I had purchased quickly showed its colors when it was dry as a desert on my lips and lasted about a third of the time that my MAC lipsticks do.

That's not the only one. ALLLL over Pinterest you will find dupes for Benefit's High Beam, all kinds of MAC lippies, shadow palettes and so much more. But those dupes are never going to be true remakes of the higher-end products. If they were, they wouldn't be < $10.

That is my rant. I wish I could block the word "dupe" from appearing on my Pinterest but since I can't, I've taught myself to just avoid them and act like they don't exist!

Sigh. I'm sorry. This is a weird post and I've never done something like this before but I wanted to get it off of my chest! I really would like to hear dupe stories from y'all as well. Good or bad! Your story could potentially change my feelings towards this annoying trend.

Peace and love and kisses and puppies,

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