Monday, January 13, 2014


Hello hello everybody! Today I felt like talking about TV. TV is great and when you find shows that you really enjoy it's so awesome to have something little to look forward to some day of the week. Now that all of the shows that I watch have returned from their mid-season breaks, I felt like I should share with you all what I'm watching and give a little about what they're about.

Over my Winter break while I was waiting for these to come back, I relived my love for LOST and began my love for Bob's Burgers and also re-watched the first four seasons of Gossip Girl(because the last two are just terrible). I'm sad that Bob's Burgers comes on Sunday nights because that is the time that either 1. football is playing or 2. I have chapter so I never get to watch it live so it won't be included as I just kind of watch it sporadically and I don't plan my life around it coming on.

Going in the order that these shows come on we've got FOX's New Girl first:

I didn't watch the first season of New Girl when it came out because I am not a fan of Zooey Deschanel and didn't care if every other character was amazing if she was in it. However after hearing all of the hype from friends and beyond, I decided to give it a shot. and I laughed. It was genuinely funny. and man, was I surprised.

New Girl is based around Zooey Deschanel's character, Jess and her life as a teacher, a roommate to three other guys and as a best friend to Cece. The person who makes the show, though is Max Greenfield's character, Schmidt (pictured in between Jess and Cece in the above photo). He is so blatant and out-there in the comments he makes and they're just so funny and his delivery is.. perfect. He remains so serious while saying the craziest things! The humor has lessened this past season but I'm hoping the second part of the season will get funnier.

As New Girl has gotten less funny, this next show has gotten even funnier…

The Mindy Project. AKA the show that comes on right after New Girl. My dad and I partially got into this last year but I never kept up with it and only sort of watched it when I left my TV on after New Girl (which I am aware was their intention). My likeness for this show came back after there was a marathon of it on a random channel that I happened to catch over break and spent hours on. Fast forward a couple of weeks and I have myself caught up on the entirety of the first season and whatever is in of the second season. It's good.

Who cares about me, though. The Mindy Project is about Mindy being a doctor(barely), her journeys of finding "the one" and dealing with her silly and up-to-no-good co-workers at her practice. Mindy Kaling takes stabs at herself while her character learns how to be confident and well-mannered. I used to watch The Office where Mindy was also a character on but I don't remember her being this funny! That's most likely because The Mindy Project is written and produced by the woman! Talk about a full plate! But just as with New Girl, the humor is just off enough to really get you and as a girl, it's like, totally relatable! and Mindy is very charming.

Fast forward allllllllll the way to Friday…


This little show gave me quite the heart-attack when it was announced that it was most likely going to get cancelled last Spring due to lack of viewers but somehow it persevered and is still here! Unfortunately, I don't think it's as popular as it should be and I'm not certain it will survive cancellation season again. That won't keep me from loving it all the way to it's grave though!

The Carrie Diaries is the prequel to Sex and The City and you get to see young Carrie Bradshaw's journey into her glamorous New York self that you see in the real show. From getting her first internship at Interview Magazine to surviving heartbreak, you get to relive your preteen and teenage years full-out. While her friends are concerning themselves with popularity, getting into college and teenage pregnancies (!!!), Carrie remains refreshingly mature and especially so when she's in "the city" and spending time with her co-workers. Anna-Sophia Robb plays Carrie and she's just too cute to really say no to on a Friday night.

Those are the only shows that I have devoted myself to as of right now but I'm sure that'll change once new ones come out. I want to know what you are watching though! I'm always down for watching and wasting more time in my bed :) Post your fave shows in the comments below!


  1. glad that were on the same pages on fav tv shows! now i have someone to gab with about the carrie diaries!!!

    1. Yaaaa! Sometimes I forget about it and watch it on Saturdays though so beware! No spoilers!


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