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Hey hi hi hi hellooo!! After much mental planning I am so happy to be posting about this finally! I recorded a video a few days ago on how to apply winged eyeliner using liquid eyeliner and I wanted to post about it as well. I never like when the bloggers that I read turn to YouTube and entirely stop making posts — I click on your post on Bloglovin' to see a post! Not a video :)

That being said, if you'd prefer the video format then scroll to the bottom of this post to see it!

I've had a lot of people ask me about makeup and how to do this or that but nothing has been a more popular question than "how do you do your eyeliner???" even though I don't even wear that outrageous of eyeliner ever! So there's the inspiration. Here are all of my steps:

Step 1: Bare Eyes!
I used Urban Decay's 'Tease' in the crease for a little definition. Adding that little bit of depth really elevated your winged liner look and makes everything look cohesive! Keep in mind this is only if you're not wearing your liner with an eyeshadow look already (which I usually am!)

Step 2: Basic Line
I consider this step to be the 'dirty work' because it's the part that really takes no skill and just needs to be done. Drawing this basic, thin line on your lash line initially will help you get the color where you need it to be without having to focus on angles or straight lines and perfecting your liner. I start mid-lid and bring the line out and then go back and fill in the inner corner. ALWAYS use small, short strokes! Even the most skilled makeup artists should never do their eyeliner in one fell swoop.

Step 3: Straight Angled Line
Okay now a little bit of skill starts seeping into the look. To get the right angle with your liner, flip your eyeliner pen backwards so that the tip of the pen will be forming the outermost portion of your wing. Envision your eyebrows extending a bit further than they naturally do and swipe your line up in that direction in a straight line, connecting to your base line from Step 2. Typically, the steeper the angle of the line, the thicker the eyeliner. Not always but that is how you would do it!

Step 4: Connect Angled Line to Base Line
Now make a small pie piece with the liner and connect this second line to your base line as well! This is where you are going to really decide on the thickness of your eyeliner. If you want it to be very thick, connect it further in toward your inner corner. The closer in, the thicker!

Step 5:  Thicken Up Line
Typically after Step 4 I am left with a bit of an 'L' shape so I go through once more and straighten everything out. Follow the shape of your natural contour, or crease, on this. If you see the definition of my crease you'll see that I have very round eye sockets so I am going to keep the shape of my eyeliner on the lash line rounded to mirror it.

Step 6: Mirror Liner to Other Eye
This step may prove the trickiest to people because matching your first line to your second line IS hard! However, the important thing is to look at yourself straight-on in a mirror and duplicate your angle from Step 3 with your straight line. Getting that right will almost 100% ensure that your liner will APPEAR even. You may not get the thickness to match exactly but it'll blend away with the rest of your makeup and will be less noticeable.

Step 7: Mascara
Slap on some mascara and your eye look is complete!

If you were interested in watching the video, here you go:

I hope there was at least one tip in this post/video that helped you or at least taught you something new about liner. I would love to continue this with both gel and power liners as well! I may also continue with more How-To's in other aspects of beauty. This was super fun!

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