Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I'm currently wrapped up in not one but two giant blankets procrastinating on studying for my Criminal Justice exam tomorrow wishing I weren't so cold and that it would finally be river weather or at least warm enough so I can wear some open shoes instead of boots???? or like.. shorter sleeves and no more eskimo jackets??? I don't mind Winter but after the foot of snow that dumped on Virginia last week I'm kind of officially over it. Aside from my comfort I just want to be able to be fashionable again! Well, at least try. I don't get how European and Canadian and even New York style bloggers stay so cute while staying as warm as they need to… I just can't do it. My Winter clothes are not cute.

The other day I decided to suck it up in the thirty-something degree weather and go out in one of my favorite Spring looks for this upcoming season. I initially was planning on going outside like.. you know.. outdoors but it was just TOO DANG COLD so I stayed inside of my apartment building's parking garage. Haha.

There are some trends that I'm seeing for 2014 that are getting me sooooo freaking excited that I couldn't even wait for it to warm up. One of those trends are midi skirts!!!! Being as tall as I am, I could never get into the high-waisted short trend no matter how much I wanted (or didn't want) to and I've never really be able to pull off typical shorts and skirts because of my proportions. Now that I see midi skirts coming into style I can get more pumped for wearing less clothing because I'll still look normal! This floral midi skirt from Lulu's was the star of my first Spring lookbook look:

(also paired with a white crop top from Tobi)

I also finally got my paws on a pair of minimalist heels that are going to be so flattering with lower hemlines and brighter colored clothes. These were soooooooo cheeeaaapppppp… $22!!! Also from Lulu's.

This post is the first of many as I slowly shed my black and navy wardrope in moving forward to March and beyond. Do you have any trends you're excited to rock? Aside from midi skirts, I'm stoked for houndstooth to make it's way around and FLARE PANTS! Let me know in the comments what you're ready for!


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