Monday, April 14, 2014


Two posts in one day! eeek! How exciting of me! But the MTV Movie Awards were last night and aside from the crazy antics from host Conan O’Brien, “best shirtless” winner Zac Efron (and the ripping off of his shirt on stage!) and rockin’ tunes from performers such as Twenty One Pilots (!!!) the awards were pretty tame. One could not say the same about the red carpet fashions, however!

Celebs came dressed to impress in all kinds of trends from slits to laser cutting and lots and lots of cutouts. It was all about showing some skin with the dominating trends of the evening: white and cropped pieces. Here are my top five best dressed from the evening…

#5 Ellie Goulding
In fifth place came Ellie Goulding in her simple, long white gown. Ellie teetered between formal and casual but was able to cool down her attire with loose hair and side cutouts! She was one of many ladies rocking the white tonight and she pulled it off tastefully and event-appropriately.

#4 Tyler Oakley
Not often are men placed into “Best Dressed” lists because of their usual attire but Tyler Oakley’s outfit definitely placed him apart from the others earning him a spot on my list! His eggplant-purple tuxedo jacket looked great against the rest of his all-black ensemble and his silver locks looked better than ever! He kept fashionable and cool, the key to any MTV awards show Red Carpet. It's also Tyler Oakley. He makes the list just by being himself.

#3 Rocsi Diaz
Entertainment Tonight host Rocsi Diaz played up the night’s white trend by rocking an exquisite lasercut shirt and skirt combo. Just like the others on the list, Rosci kept it casual while still looking put together. Matched with minimal nude heels, a simple gold bracelet and spunky pink lips, this outfit was a definite winner and landed her in the third spot! The only thing keeping her from being higher up on my list is her hair and eyebrows.. the hair just isn't doing it for me and those sharpie brows don't help either!

#2 Zendaya Coleman
Rolling into our second spot is last month’s Naked covergirl Zendaya. The “it” girl wore a rose patterened dress that had a solid color blocking at the bottom. The sleeves and length made it age-appropriate while the colors and killer thigh slit edged it up a bit. She let the dress do the talking with simple wavy hair and black accessories and looked like a total gem during her pre-show hosting. Also, +5 points for those eyebrows! Gosh, could she be more amazing?

#1 Jessica Alba
Without any doubt in our minds the best dressed celeb from last night was Jessica Alba. She wore an adorable scuba crop top/skirt duo and paired it with her signature honey waves and a giant black handbag. Her chartreuse skirt looked awesome on the red carpet and looked even more outstanding when she announced an award later into the evening. Her black and white heels added a little bit of interest into her outfit without taking away from the simplistic nature of it all. Scuba materials are a growing trend this Spring and Jessica rocked the trend wholly. Just can’t get over it! Ugh! I love her!

Aside from these five fashions, I really did not enjoy the awards show last night. Either MTV is getting worse at hosting these kinds of things or I'm just outgrowing them but I couldn't seem to watch for more than a few minutes at a time without cringing. Here's to forever checking the red carpet photos but never watching the event itself!

Did you watch last night? Who's outfits did you enjoy the most?


  1. I love all of your picks! And I agree with you about the show. I only watched about half of it and I was bored and on my laptop and phone during it because it just didn't keep my attention! I only watched for the clip from The Fault In Our Stars during the preshow to be honest haha.

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  2. Jessica Alba is super chic!
    love it<3

  3. Lovely post! Great blog! Really awesome!


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