Thursday, July 3, 2014


Back in May I decided to splurge and get some MAC goodies. Two of which were these two lipsticks: Rebel and Flamingo. Rebel because well, every girl needs to own Rebel and Flamingo because I'm a sucker for a coral lip.

These two have truly been one of the best beauty purchases I have ever made.

and on the lips...

Rebel is a really talented little lipstick. On its own it's a vibrant fuschia but layered on top of a deep lip liner it turns into a vampire's dream. I personally LOVE it over top of NYX's 'Plum' lip liner. You can see it in action on my Instagram photos here and here. Easily one of my favorites in my collection. The satin finish is so comfortable on the lips and the color is just too badass. I will never regret that pickup.

Flipping over to Flamingo on the complete opposite side of the color spectrum— Though this is considered a lustre finish, I don't see any sign of pearl or sparkle within it. In the bullet, Flamingo is a bright yellow-coral that makes me turn into the *heart eyes* emoji. I am such a sucker for a coral lip it should be illegal. I've got an addiction. What's annoying about my addiction is that corals probably aren't the BEST choice for my pale, cool skin. But Flamingo makes me fall in love because it applies sheer so that the lip color looks natural. It's the perfect color to pop on before running errands or going to class.

Two very different but very flattering colors. These guys have been getting a lot of wear this summer and I don't see that stopping any time soon!

Now that I've got these two plus 'Please Me', I have gotten all of the MAC lipsticks that I really aimed to get when I started obsessing over makeup. Now I don't know what to get! Please help me by leaving a comment below of your favorite permanent MAC lipstick shade.

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  1. Love both of these colors! I live in RVA too ;) I go to JMU though! Glad I stumbled across your YouTube channel/blog!


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