Friday, February 26, 2016


Last week I gave into the deep red-brown toned/teal duochrome obsession that I have. For a third time. I should have known better, yes but does that ever stop me when it comes to beauty? Nope.

So here's the newest addition to my collection: the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in "Solstice".

From one angle it's a beautiful purple-y berry shimmer pot (see above) but from a straightforward view it's a metallic teal wonderland (see below). It does not have an overwhelming amount of pigment within it with all of it's metallic and chrome finishes battling themselves to apply to your eye. That being said, this product is best applied wet. It helps the most of the product stick to your eye and gives it the staying power it needs to stay vibrant for hours.

I was curious how this stacked up next to my two other similar shadows, MAC's "Blue Brown" pigment and Colourpop's eyeshadow in "Kindness". MAC's once-hyped pigment has either lost it's luster over it's time in my possession or simply pales in comparison to my other two newer babes. Compared to Colourpop's "Kindness", Urban Decay fell flat. However, they are both two different finishes with CP's being more of a wet cream and UD's being a powder. 

From L to R: MAC "Blue Brown" pigment, Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow in "Solstice", Colourpop eyeshadow in "Kindness"
In my look in my last post I layered Colourpop with Urban Decay on top to add extra vibrancy.

While I initially thought I had three very, very similar shadows on my hands, I really don't. They all kind of do their own thing and work in their own ways. I'm so happy about that, too…. because I hate duplicates in my collection ;)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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