Friday, March 4, 2016


NYX Lip Lingeries in Babydoll and Embellishment on table

2015's Biggest Disappointment Award…
….to NYX's Lip Lingeries!!

I got swayed into loving these from Mariah from TheGalsGuide and was so so so so so excited for so so so so so long to get these in the mail from Ulta (especially Embellishment) but wow. What a let down. I actually wanted these so badly that I got impatient on Saturday (I got my package the following Tuesday) and searched at FIVE CVS stores around my city and spent a huge chunk of time driving far out from where I actually live looking for these and all of the stores either didn't carry them yet or were reworking their NYX section of their makeup aisle so everything was "in the back" and for some reason were unable to track them down for me back there.

I get my package on Tuesday and I immediately throw on Baby Doll to see how it looks. To my surprise, I actually liked the color on me. I figured I was going to need to exchange it for another tone. It actually looked great but.. as I went to add a second layer since the first wasn't fully covering my lips, I realized the product was sticking to itself. Eventually, my lips were sticking to themselves. Figuring that I was only supposed to be putting one layer of product on, I went to take it off and reapply.

Well. This shit doesn't come off. Not in a "omg wow this stuff doesn't come off even when I eat a sandwich with it!!!' it just didn't come off. Not with water. Not with makeup remover. Barely even with RUBBING ALCOHOL. These seem to be very similar to the Jeffree Star and Anastasia liquid lipsticks (from what I've heard) and maybe I'm just not the type to like these stick-and-stay-on-for-days products but.. I didn't like 'em. Chalk five on the disappointment board. Here are the colors on the lip pre-sticking:

On-lip swatches of nyx lip lingeries in babydoll embellishment

I then figured maybe 'Baby Doll' was just formulated poorly. Nope. 'Embellishment' was just as bad. Which blows because the colors are really cool and I was really digging this line before trying them out. Oh well. You win some, you lose some. These definitely were losers and are going straight back to Ulta where they came from, sadly. I'll leave the severe liquid lipstick trend to the men and women of Instagram.

Have you guys tried any of these Lip Lingeries out? Did you have the same issues I had? PLEASE let me know because I am so baffled!

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