Friday, July 8, 2016


New ColorSensationals!!!!

Okay, yay. I am so excited about these! I recently grabbed four of the new Maybelline ColorSensational "The Loaded Bolds" lipsticks in the two lightest and two darkest shades. If you didn't know, Maybelline's ColorSensational line is my absolute favorite of all lipsticks. I've tried many and I prefer these over all brands and types (even liquid lipstick!). They are so consistent and offer a wide range of colors. The Loaded Bolds collection filled in any gaps that were left over. There are some pretty purple shades in this "collection" as well. But today...

I'm going to talk about these guys:

From L to R: Pitch Black, Midnight Blue, Nude Thrill and Wickedly White
I loved the navy shade from the start and decided to get the B&W to test out since I haven't had very good luck with drugstore black lipsticks and have zero experience with white ones. Nude Thrill was a last minute decision and holy eff.. am I glad I got it. I'll protest my love in a little.

Can we discuss how annoying it is that pure white lipstick makes your teeth look like lemons? or sunflowers? or something else that's yellow? Ugh.

Anyway, Wickedly White. Clearly not meant to rock on it's own. I just can't get into white on ANY skin tone so much that I don't even like white-based lippies on most occasions. That being said, whites are great for mixing if you want to lighten a shade a little.. or a lot.. and don't mind the white base. I figured it was a staple that I needed to get. Coverage on it's own was 'meh' but again, I would only be mixing this into other shades so I should be set.

Nude Thrill is an absolute dream. It's now my favorite nude tone that I own! It wears super evenly and has just the right about of pink versus brown balance to look impeccable against my pale, but warm skin tone. I love love love love love you, Nude Thrill.

Midnight Blue is my current "adventure" shade. I've been "adventuring" into purples over the last year and navy seemed like the natural progression of my journey. I love jewel tones and thankfully, this deep sapphire has a lovely formula that glides so effortlessly across the lips leaving no patchy areas.

Lastly, Pitch Black. It sucks. I'm sorry. You can see in the photo how un-pitch black it really is. I will be returning this puppy tomorrow and my quest for a solid drugstore black lippie will continue :( My natural progression through deep shades will be black after my navy era is over so it'll need to be quick! Please let me know if you have any suggestions. I have my eyes on the new Katy Perry line with CoverGirl but I just don't like CG... but if I hear it's good, I'll grab that next.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed.
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