Saturday, September 10, 2016


I am soooo thrilled to say that I finally got my makeup-obsessed hands on a Kylie Cosmetics product! After attempting to purchase these three previous times during the Birthday Collection/Edition releases, I finally got to get mine on the final chance.

Kylie's Birthday products were special to me because of their beautiful gold packaging. I just had to have them. The mini matte liquid lipstick collection that I got was the most incredible deal, too and I couldn't pass it up. I got 6 different lippies for just about $30. This was perfect for me because I have no idea which shade in her range is good for me because nobody who is pale and warm-toned like me reviews her products! I swear. By getting these small guys, I've been able to test out the following shades: Koko K, Candy K, Exposed, Dolce K, Kristen and Leo, her Birthday exclusive shade.

Seeing as I can barely make it through an entire bullet of my favoritest lipsticks, I knew the minis would be the ideal size for trial and error. If I really find myself liking one a lot, I can always buy the lip kit! That being said, the lipsticks are a lot smaller than I imagined…

Time for the important part. The on-lip swatches. For reference, here are my bare lips:

Koko K was the lightest color in the set and I was very impressed with the coverage that I got in one swipe. I didn't know that Kylie's products had such a heavy vanilla cake scent, though. It didn't bother me TOO much but it seems like a lot and I know a lottttt of people won't like the scent. But the product glides on the lips and stays intact and that's all I'm looking for!

I really really like Candy K. This is the most natural color for me in the set and just like Koko K, I got opaque coverage in one swipe.

Going from one extreme to another, Exposed was my least favorite. While I will probably still wear it sometimes (I'm thinking about layering an orange-yellow gloss overtop of it), it did not flatter me well. It's a warm, mid-toned browny nude shade. Still good coverage, though!

Dolce K was a huuuge surprise for me. I figured it would be a darker version of Exposed but it seemed to flatter my skin tone better. It's more of a brown on me and I don't own anything quite like it. That makes me happy! The coverage was slightly more difficult with Dolce K.

KRISTEN IS SO PRETTY!!!!! I didn't expect it to be so bright on me because it seemed like every person I saw it on showcased it as a more brown-toned warm red but oh my goodness it's beautiful on me. I LOVE this shade. Great coverage, too.

Lastly, Leo. :( I was so excited for this shade that I almost tried buying the lip kit for it. Man, I'm glad I didn't. I had such a struggle getting the color to apply evenly. While I am glad it showed up redder on me (swatches I'd seen showed it more browny), I'm going to need to figure out a way to apply this so it covers evenly. Such a pretty color, such a shame.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this set. I think it was a great value and I love that it was in limited edition packaging. If you need tips on how to score some Kylie products on release days, let me know and I'll post about it because I definitely have figured out the way to do it.

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  1. kristen looks SOOOOOOO good on you!!! so glad you were finally able to get your hands on it!

  2. Can I say that you look gorgerous.
    I was searching for pictures of the Leo packaging and found this blog and I instantly followed you.

    1. Thank you, Victoria!!! Hit me up on Instagram and I'll follow you back :) I appreciate the love. xoxo


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