Saturday, October 29, 2016


Hi again!!

I am so excited to share with you Tarte's new limited edition blush palette wheel. I picked this up from Sephora for only $44!!!!! SO cheap. I decided to start shopping around for a good blush palette this past week because I have been wanting to fill in the gaps in my makeup collection. Blush is one of the few things that I haven't dove into fully and I wanted a palette with ranging shades and finishes. This palette was IT. Between these 10 shades there are mattes, lustres and two highlighters.

Although pretty, the packaging is not my favorite. I like the double-sided wheel thing but I'm not into the purple front. But I'm not big on packaging anyway so it's not a huge deal for me.

Do you see how beautifully these swatch? I am just in awe. I was totally telling myself that I was going to return this before I even received it in the mail because I thought that I was wasting my money on something that wouldn't be very good quality. For the record, I am no longer going to return it.

Here are the shades swatched on my arm with the names alongside. My photo two above shows the shades a little more true, so look there. Then check out the one with the names.

From Tarte's website, here are the kinds of colors we're dealing with:

  • Mod is a peach coral
  • Deco is a poppy pink
  • Surreal is a hot pink
  • Culture is a coral shimmer (so pretty. coral with gold is my favorite)
  • Idol is a nude shimmer
  • Icon is a dusty rose
  • Montage is a pink mauve
  • Ironic is a dusty rose
  • Crafty barely shows up on my arm because it's a very light, pale pink shimmer
  • and Concept is a pink nude

I can't get over how pigmented these are and I'm really excited to branch out from my MAC 'Melba' blush that I pair with every single look that I wear. If you're in need of a large variety of cheek shades, DEFINITELY pick this palette up.

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