Monday, November 7, 2016


What do you do when you have an awkward $13 left on your Bloomingdales gift card? Buy a single eyeshadow, duh.

I recently purchased "I'm Into It" from MAC's Banging Brilliant collection because it looked like it swatched very similarly to Urban Decay's 'Busted' without the shimmer. I looove Busted but it's shimmery and I prefer it in my crease so we know what that looks like.

After swatching, it appears that I'm Into It leans slightly more red but I really have been digging red shades on the eyes lately so it's not a loss for me whatsoever.

It's one of those purchases that is boring but necessary. I always gravitate to crazy green or orange shades and have seemed to forgotten the importance in everyday colors.

I really like this as a crease shade. I'll be posting some looks soon using it!

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