Friday, September 29, 2017


Welcome to my first feature of Bite Beauty on Beautymunson! I had been slowly building up a collection of Bite products when they released their Amuse Bouche Liquified Lipsticks. Not a LIQUID lipstick, a liquified lipstick. Do you remember where we all used to be before the liquid lipstick trend? Here!

I bought my typical, mid-Pink aka 'Èclair', a fun red-orange aka 'Flambé' and a deeper (and my go-to) red aka 'Braised'.

I really like these. One of the reasons I really like this product is because of the gel-like texture and the easy application. The product is very thick and luxurious, which is nice because the colors stays on your lips and doesn't travel outward. 'Braised' does feather a bit so I would recommend a liner with the deeper colors.

Now, would I say to wear your hair down and drive in a convertible rockin' 'Flambé' on your lips? No. But I recommend that anytime? No! I hate convertibles! They're always ruining my hair and makeup. Windows up, AC on— please.

If you want to try out the formula of this product without owning full sizes, Sephora has a holiday set out that features four minis including 'Flambé' and 'Braised' for only $22!!!

I'm all for a good, budge-proof liquid lip but I'm excited to see brands come out with different formulas alongside them as well.

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