Thursday, October 5, 2017


Woooooo hoooooooo!!!!!

New and exciting release alert!!!!

I have TRIED Fenty Beauty— Rihanna's makeup line that released a couple of weeks ago. I LIKE it!

For someone who considers themselves in tune with the beauty community, this release came and went without me knowing anything of it. It wasn't until I kept seeing Instagram stories… and posts… and blog posts… and articles on the products did I quite literally get up and run out of the door. To Sephora I went!

I tried four of her products— her face primer, foundation (I know), and two "Match Stix".. one for contouring, the other for highlighting.

fenty beauty amber porcelain match stixs on pale nc15 skin
Fenty Beauty Match Stix in 'Amber' (top) and 'Porcelain' (bottom)
As someone who is not afraid to take advantage of Sephora's incredible return policy, I am proud to announce that I only returned one of these products. And it wasn't even because of the product, really but here I am getting ahead of myself…

Let's start off with the fact that I don't really need to introduce the brand. Everyone else has and if you don't know about Fenty Beauty, just give it a Google :) As for the products, I will begin with the moisturizing primer. As a "no foundation" kinda gal, I appreciate this primer because it preps my skin for foundation in ways that I didn't know it needed. It makes your face slightly tacky and ready to layer while moisturizes so you aren't scaly or flaky underneath that MATTE FOUNDATION!!!!

Woo hoo! I love Fenty's foundation! First off, I'm not the lightest shade. I am not even the SECOND lightest shade. I wear 120— the third lightest. How amazing is that?! The formula of this foundation is light coverage with a matte finish so my frecks get their time to shine while my oil stays under control. I have found that dotting the foundation around your face with your finger and then following up with a Beauty Blender is the best way to apply this product because if you go in with a sponge from the get-go, the sponge will absorb most of this watery foundation.

The foundation has a liquid-to-powder feel and is marketed to not need setting powders so you're able to go right in with Fenty's Match Stix. These multipurpose cream sticks come in many colors to be used as a contour, bronzer, blush, highlight, eyeshadow and lipstick. I purchased 'Amber' to contour with because it is unbelievably cool-toned. It's similar but slightly darker, cooler and much easier to blend out than Colourpop's 'Dove' Sculpting Stick. The second shade I bought was 'Porcelain', which appears darker than it applies. The matte shades that are meant for concealing/highlighting are pretty natural looking so if you like a super highlighted undereye, this is not the product for you. I really liked Porcelain but I felt my spending was getting a little crazy and Porcelain wasn't a drop-dead unique kinda deal so I let it go over the others.

I did not buy any of the shimmery highlighter sticks or powders because they were all intensely glittery and I just know I would have hated them on my face. When it comes to the ones I did try, they're great. I'm excited to see the future of Fenty Beauty (although the sneak peek of the Holiday collection looks…….. ehhhh….. but we will hold out to truly form an opinion).

Have you tried any products that I didn't include in this post? I love seeing everyone's opinions on this line because it seems everyone has a different thing they like and don't like.

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