Friday, November 4, 2016


Hi there and Happy Friday!

Today I am sharing with you my newest lip color trifecta. 

After purchasing the minis from Kylie Cosmetics from Kylie’s Birthday Collection, I spent some time figuring out which shade worked the best for me. Although I love love love Kristen, I decided that the most “me” color was Candy K. It’s my exact “my lips” shade when my lips are flushed and not blending into my skin (which they do.. often). I liked Candy K the best so I picked up the matching lip liner and gloss since Kylie sells them separately now! I’ve never owned a matching lip liner and lipstick and man, gloss.. I haven’t really ever worn gloss in my life because I always hate that my hair would get stuck in it. I’m working on growing up so maybe lip gloss will be in my cards now haha

Here are the three swatched and on my lips step-by-step:

The lip liner is really as smooth and silky as I had heard it to be. It’s a hUgE contrast to the NYX lip liners that I use (and are the only ones I own) because those are very stiff and take a bit of tug to apply. I have accumulated so many of those and they are sooooo cheap that I simply never felt the need to get any duplicate colors from other companies with better formulas.

I’m glad I finally tried another one.

I’m really impressed with all of Kylie’s products that I have tried and I can’t wait to wear a glossy lip for a change! The gloss isn’t too slippery or sticky. I really enjoy it!

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