Friday, December 30, 2016


Ooooooo baby I am EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll admit it. I have been going a liiiiittle crazy with makeup purchases this year. Anything I want, I buy. Aside from the obvious spending that my attitude requires, the more important issue is that when I feel like spending, I don't have anything else that I want to buy! This has led me to buying some regrettable products but also I've been able to broaden my horizons and have gotten some things that I wouldn't have prioritized and thus, purchased in the past.

A prime example of that last sentence are some of my most recent pick-ups.. Lime Crime's Diamond Crushers in Trip, Choke and Lit. To say I'm impressed by these would be a large, huge understatement.

Diamond Crushers are the more fun sibling of Jouer's Skinny Dip and Tan Lines lip toppers. They're liquid heaven that can be put over liquid lipsticks or simply on bare lips as well as the cheekbones and eyes. They dry down (!!!) and are water-based so there is no excess tackiness adding gross texture to your application zone.

On top of the product itself blowing me away, I was caught off guard by how much I adore the packaging. I'm not even a packaging kinda gal. I usually do not care at all but these come in the most elegant, luxurious feeling tube with BEAUTIFUL pink foiled effect lid. I get entranced holding onto these babies.

lime crime diamond crushers lit trip choke

on-arm swatch lime crime diamond crushers lit trip choke

Trip is a blue iridescent in a purple base. Choke is a blue iridescent in a clear/pinkish base. Lit is a gold shimmer in a coral/pink base. Out of the three, Choke is the best to wear alone for a barely there effect and Lit is the best to wear alone to get the most coverage. The coral/pink base in Lit makes it good enough to replace a lipstick (coverage-wise).

I swatched each color on bare lips and overtop of two lipsticks out of my collection that I felt the Diamond Crusher would pair well with. Here they are:

lime crime trip diamond crusher lip topper over different colored lipsticks

Trip over Bangkok SMLC by NYX is unreal. Favorite combo out of them all.

lime crime choke diamond crusher lip topper over different colored lipsticks

lime crime lit diamond crusher lip topper over different colored lipsticks

As you can see, Lit overpowers anything that you put it over. I couldn't seem to figure out how to sheer it out. It's meant to be the star of its show.

It's a rare time when I purchase three products of something I've never tried out before but this time it definitely paid off. There are three more colors that I also want to try out.


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