Monday, January 2, 2017


I recently purchased the Kat von D Alchemist Holographic Palette from Sephora. What was one released for VIBs only was eventually released to the public and is now sold out on the Sephora website (SORRY!!!)

After reading lots and lots of comments, I decided to take the plunge. The slight drama around this palette was that it was wildly similar to Anastasia's Moonchild palette (which I do not own) and many people did not feel it necessary to own both. Although Kat has released word that she has been working on the formula for this palette for seven years, many felt it was a direct rip-off of ABH.

The other popular complaint was that the pans were too small. While they are small (average eyeshadow pan size), I will never make my way through a full shade. Anastasia's pans are so big and unrealistic that I didn't mind KVD's being smaller.

As for the actual product, compared to Moonchild, this KVD product is smoother and a better all-around product. That is what ultimately led me to buy it.

The packaging is great. I'm not too big on packaging and I will most likely depot these from the packaging eventually but it is very pretty. The white triangular palette has a slight holo reflect on the front and although it looks like plastic in photos, the body of the palette is paper-based. Think back to the original Naked palette to understand what I mean.

There were more complaints about the pans being round instead of triangular and while triangular pans would be soooooo cool, round pans work for me since again, I will eventually depot these.

The Alchemist palette is a buttery, smooth collection of four shades that are meant to be used as highlighters, eyeshadows, lip toppers and anything else you can think up for them. Without killing the "vs. Moonchild" topic, I think this palette took the four best shades from ABH, perfected them and released them.

I can't wait to create endless looks with these shades and have already thrown blue saphyre on as a highlight twice since purchasing (check insta— @beautymunson— to see!)

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